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     Your business or organization name, logo and/or message can be screen printed on both sides of
  the windmill tail.  This will provide you with long term name recognition and advertising.  The
  miniature windmill can also serve well as a banquet table centerpiece or can help in fund raising, and
  work great in public relations or for customer appreciation purposes.  This windmill is like having an
  advertising sign board sitting atop your client's desk.  The advertising value can be tremendous! 
  They also sell well in gift shops or at events.

      Example of a windmill we made for a customer. 
      The windmills were used to promote their
      museum, help in fund-raising for the
      organization, and to sell as souvenirs in their
      gift shop.

        A few examples of the many special tails we
       have created for our customers. We can do
       the same for you, too.

      Quantity discount prices along with low minimum orders makes the AERO® 17-inch Windmill a very
  attractive product for resale or to promote your business or organization.

      Please contact us for prices and delivery.  Order some windmills with your firm's name or logo and 
  you can sell them in your business or give as gifts to good customers, family or friends!


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