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      These windmills are the same as the AERO® 12-B Windmill but have unique trim colors and historic
 or patriotic tails (vanes). Now, add these unique models to your windmill collection!
   COMMEMORATIVE - Celebrate the 150th
  Anniversary of the invention of the American
  windmill. Screen printed with a 150th Year
  Medallion on one side of the tail and with a short
  history of the American windmill on the other side.
  Trimmed in goldenrod and royal blue.
  With pre-assembled tower, add $8.00.

                         KIT Price: $34.95


CURRIE - Considered the "poor man's windmill" when the real Currie windmill was made in Kansas
back in the early 20th Century. Comes with a unique 1920s tail style and also an outer wheel rim
(like the real Currie). Red and black trim. This model not available at this time..

  FAIRBURY - Historic tail shape and stencil-style printing is like that of the Fairbury No.7AA made from the 1920s to the 1960s in Fairbury, Nebraska.
Trimmed in red and black. With pre-assembled tower, add $8.00.
       KIT Price: $32.95

A windmill of this name was manufactured from the 1880s to the 1990s in Ohio.
The firm that now manufactures the Heller-Aller Pumps allows us to sell some direct
to collectors. It has "WINDMILL PUMPS SINCE 1886" on the tail. Red trim.
With pre-assembled tower, add $8.00.
       KIT Price: $32.95


ROUTE 66 - Many windmills can be viewed along the length of old, historic Route 66. This highway goes through the heart of windmill territory. A Route 66 highway sign is screen printed on each
side of the tail. Black and white trim.
With pre-assembled tower, add $8.00.
                    KIT Price: $32.95
   STARS & STRIPES - Add to your American 
   patriotism. This model has a U.S.A. Flag-style tail
   with "UNITED WE STAND", red/white/blue
   wheel stripes, royal blue head and red ladder.
   This windmill will make a very attractive
   Americana decoration for your home or office.
   Include this in your folk art collection. 
   This model not available at this time.

 TEXAS FLAG - For Texans or "Friends of Texas". Screen printed Texas flag on each side of the tail. Adds a Western or Texas ranch house decor. Red, royal blue and white trim.  With pre-assembled tower, add $8.00.
                    KIT Price: $32.95
       "Not Pictured"

   ELGIN, with old stencil-style logo on both sides of tail,   KIT Price: $32.95
   ELI, made during the early 1900s in Nebraska City,  KIT Price: $32.95
   KIRKWOOD STEEL, 1880s style with simulated wheel spokes,  KIT Price: $37.95
   KANSAS, with sunflower screen printing on tail & wheel,  KIT Price: $32.95
   With pre-assembled tower, add $8.00.
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